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The authors of Almost a Murder, a nonfiction novel, have known each other for decades.

Jody Seay is an award-winning author. How did she begin writing? “Well,” Jody says, “I helped my mother die in 1986 and my writing career began the next night when I sat down at my typewriter to write about the experience. It evolved into the first essay I ever wrote, and the first article I ever sold. ”

ALMOST A MURDER is Jody’s third published book.

“Every now and then a monster writing talent rockets into the literary. Such a writer is Jody Seay. There is something about the way she magically strings words together that makes you just proud to be a member of the human race.” – Susan Chernak McElroy, NY Times best-selling author

Co-author Jim Lloyd is the co-author of this new true-crime novel. It’s based on a grisly murder that happened in Oklahoma and Jim is the defense attorney in this case. He’s a man of dogged persistence who uses his intelligence and ingenuity to help the weak fight against “bullies” – he’s done that his whole career.

“The reader invests themselves absolutely. Who wouldn’t want a ‘Jim Lloyd’ to defend them when it really matters?”   –  Mark Lindberg, Attorney & Business Law Professor at Oral Roberts University