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“Almost a Murder”: Great Drama

In this book, a true courtroom drama called “ALMOST A MURDER“, readers have an unparalleled “you are there view” of this epic legal battle .


The authors, Jody Seay and Jim Lloyd recount how a wealthy “Son of Oklahoma” is slain by his delicate foreign wife. The brutal facts are clear to the police: she cracked his skull with a bat, shot him twice, she strangled him, dumped his naked body, lied repeatedly and then, when cornered, she confessed. Everyone believes it’s going to be a slam-dunk murder trial and a quick trip to a lethal injection.

Her lawyer is Jim Lloyd. He’s a cub lawyer with no criminal trial experience. She has no friends, no money, and barely speaks English. Together they stand against powerful political and financial forces who will do almost anything get retribution.

In this courtroom drama, the authors’ stunning ability to capture pivotal moments and to reveal human weakness (with all of the personalities on display) show why this searing trial made the headlines week after week.

Ultimately this REAL-LIFE COURTROOM DRAMA is one of the most studied legal clashes in US law today. One award-winning author and one lawyer who was in the thick of it all; together they create a spellbinding account of uncertain justice, fight for family, and the struggle to do what’s right.


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Happy reading and enjoy the courtroom drama, Almost A Murder!

6 thoughts on ““Almost a Murder”: Great Drama”

  1. Hats off to Jim Lloyd and Jody Sealy for a fantastic book. This book is about Jim Lloyd a young lawyer, taking his first case. The reader gets a bird’s eye view of one man’s fight against power, money, corruption and prejudice. Jim Lloyd put everything on the line for his client. Pulling out all the stops. This is a must read book.

    1. Thank you so much for your warm words. We are also very enthusiastic about the book.I’d be curious to know what your favorite part was. I know, I know, there’s too many to choose from. Anyway, thanks for the review.

  2. This book kept me on the edge of my seat. Jim has become a hero in my eyes because of his courageous stand to help the underdog. A woman who was afraid of our judicial system and did not understand how it worked placed her life in his hands. She did not speak the language of this foreign land and would agree to anything someone asked her. Did she understand what she was saying during her confession? We know she was improperly misinformed of her Miranda Rights.
    From start to finish, Jim encounters pitfalls that would have defeated a lesser attorney. As a retired legislator, who served 14 years on the Judiciary Committee it reinforced my opinion that justice is sometimes elusive. When you read this, plan for a little time. You won’t want to put it down until you know the outcome of justice.
    AR Representative Buddy Blair, Ret.

    1. Thank you so much for the great review, Mr. Blair. It means so much coming from someone with your background and service.

      I appreciate you taking the time to tell us what you thought. Yeah!

  3. Reading the title of this this true story I thought I would be deeply involved with the people of the case. I was, but none so much as the attorney Jim Lloyd. All he was seeking a peaceful life with his family, but he had to believe in himself and his profession to be his best for them.
    This is the story of a violent death with much more under the surface. As we go through multiple trials and investigation roadblocks, we learn that sometimes the truth may or may not be easy to find.
    Jim Lloyd was a family man leaving all that was safe in his career and in his home life when he reluctantly took on this case. We follow the murder trial as he transcends into self-actualization seeking the truth and proving his belief in the judicial system and himself.
    Along the way he challenged the insiders opposing him who usually got their way without question but not with him. He was insecure, curious, questioning and stumbling down a path to find reason. The reason of truths and the reasonable doubts of the truth.
    We watch while Jim Lloyd unintentionally places extreme hardship on his family as he simply seeks justice without the ability to accept any less.
    We watch as he comes into his own becoming a top-notch criminal defense attorney and a happy devoted family man. Along the way, he gives us a fascinating story of truth and justice in a time when the words domestic violence was never spoken. Women were not allowed to fight back without consequences. What really happened to Bobby Mitchell?
    Dee Blair, Ed.D., Tulsa, OK

    1. Thank you, Dee Blair, for your insights. I also am struck by the hero’s journey in this book and how, sometimes, when we do what’s right for society, it can hurt the ones we care most about. What do we choose when 2 deeply-held values are in conflict?

      Very interesting insights. Thank you for adding to the conversation in such a generous way.

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