Book Launch Event!

Good news… It’s finally happening! Our book launch / author’s signing is Sunday, October 28th from 2-4 pm at Barnes & Noble on 71st Street in Tulsa.

You are invited. Bring a friend or two and join us. We’ll read a few excepts. It will be fun.

My co-author, Jody Seay, will be there along with several people mentioned in the book. (Spoiler Alert: some will be related to me). Photo ops are encouraged.

Tulsa/Woodland Plaza Barnes & Noble

8620 E 71 Street
Tulsa, OK 74133

One thought on “Book Launch Event!”

    “Riveting Non-Fiction Story”

    In a state that ranks fourth in the nation for domestic abuse, Almost a Murder, authored by Joey Seay and Jim Lloyd, sets a new precedent.

    The subtle story line of Noi, who married and migrated from a country where she had few rights to a country, she thought would be safe. What she found was an existence where she was encapsulated in her house. She was imprisoned and abused. As she attempts to defend herself, horrific events occur creating a situation where she is arrested and charged with murder. Her story falls on deaf ears. Until – – Jim Lloyd, a bulldog lawyer, believed her. By doing so, he took a stand. A stand that said, “I hear you!”

    And, so begins Jim’s story of the labor involved in getting to the truth. Almost a Murder takes you on that journey. And, in that process, Jim takes you through the experience of the emotions as well as the complexity of the actions of a defendant who is faced with “total fear.”

    The mammoth task of research for facts; the exertion of preparation; the toll on family and health are all shown. And the trial – –

    In a Tulsa courthouse, Almost a Murder walks you through that encounter and gives you a peek into the unfamiliar methods of a trial. The moment-by-moment journey tells the intertwining narrative of the personalities and presentation of a trial. Due process is painstakingly and meticulously covered and presented to the jury! A jury, who must remember that in the United States of America, a murder conviction must be proven. And, it must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Almost a Murder – A Riveting Story!

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