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Author Jim and Author Jody

The new legal thriller, ALMOST A MURDER, was written by author Jim Lloyd and author Jody Seay.

Author Jim Lloyd

Jim is the lawyer who defended the case that is depicted in the novel, ALMOST A MURDER.

Not only an author, Jim is also a member of the Missouri and Oklahoma Bar Associations as well as the Oklahoma Association for Justice (a preeminent and influential force at the Oklahoma State Capitol for over fifty years). It is meaningful to Jim that the group has worked to pass some of the most progressive legislation to protect the jury trial system in the United States.

Early in his career, the OK Bar Association honored Jim as “the Outstanding Young Lawyer for the State of Oklahoma”. In part, he was recognized for his volunteer service to the community, which he has continued throughout his life.

Mr. Lloyd was invited by Melvin Belli to become a Lifetime Trustee of the prestigious Melvin Belli Society. This honor is only offered to a select group of lawyers .

Jim holds a black belt in karate and is a local bee sting guru, dispensing stings and advice to all comers about the benefits of bee venom therapy. Lloyd is also the legal adviser to the national American Apitherapy Society.

Author Jody Seay

Jody was born a Texan and is the granddaughter of a cattle rancher. She is also an award-winning author, television show host, speaker, and musical playwright.  ALMOST A MURDER is Jody’s third book.

Seay’s numerous essays and short stories have appeared in newspapers and magazines across the country; her Facebook page, website and blog are entertaining and heartwarming. The site can be found at

As co-producer and TV host of the 30 minute show, BACK PAGE, Jody interviewed Pacific Northwest writers about the ‘story behind the story’: what compels a writer, the nuts-and-bolts of getting published, and the intimate relationship between author and audience. Three hundred shows spanning 10 years demonstrate Jody’s contribution to authors and to the greater community. Jody has lived and honored her belief that everybody has a story to tell.

Ms. Seay is often on the road to read and speak at book clubs, libraries and bookstores. Public speaking has become a big part of her life in recent years. She can talk to anyone at anytime. She is from Texas after all! Jody has been the keynote speaker at writer’s conferences and political fundraisers and lectured at universities. She looks at the world from a unique boots-on-the-ground perspective.

Jody is also an Advanced Certified Rolfer.

4 thoughts on “Author Jim and Author Jody”

  1. I was so enthralled by “Almost A Murder”, from the table of contents to the end. I feel like I know Jim and that he actually sat and told me his story. Well done!

    1. Wow, Luanne, what a nice review. Thank you. I agree that it is a stirring story and Jim and Jody really have the skill to put us readers into the scenes. I appreciate that you took the time to write this review. Best regards, dayna (the publisher)

  2. I loved the book. Jody did a great job of writing and Jim did a great job of researching. I also enjoyed the personal back story Congrats!

    1. Thank you, Kathleen, for the generous words. We are so glad you liked the book and the personal back story. Have a great new year filled with wonderful books.

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