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The Book

The book, ALMOST A MURDER, is a true story.

Jody Seay (an award-winning author) and co-author Jim Lloyd (the Oklahoma lawyer who defended this case) draw readers into a gritty, shocking crime and the murder trial that follows.

This is an unparalleled “you-are-there” view of a headline-making trial and epic battle.

When a wealthy “Son of Oklahoma” is slain by his delicate foreign wife, nobody saw it coming. To the Broken Arrow police, the Oklahoma legal system, and most local citizens, the brutal facts are clear. And everyone agrees that this sensational murder trial is going to be a fast track to a lethal injection.

All that stands in the way of that fate is the killer’s attorney. Jim Lloyd is a cub lawyer with no criminal defense experience. His client has no friends, no money, and barely speaks English. Jim is reluctant, at first, but he decides to take the biggest gamble of his life and take the case. Together they stand against powerful political and financial forces.

This REAL LIFE LEGAL THRILLER is one of the most studied legal clashes in US law today and an exciting look into the procedures of the legal world by an award-winning author and the small town lawyer who defended the case.

There are writers and there are WRITERS; but every now and then a monster writing talent rockets into the literary world from seemingly out of nowhere. Such a writer is Jody Seay. I have known Jody for years, and have never ceased to be simply amazed by every piece of work that flows from this woman’s pen… There is a depth to her work that simply defies description. Jody’s stories are to be tasted, then munched, then gobbled up whole and juicy like warm pie. Writing just doesn’t get any better than this. Sit down with her book, and get ready for a feast… This woman’s work is marvelous. There is something about the way she magically strings words together that makes you just proud to be a member of the human race. Let’s hope we all hear much, much more from this wonderfully gifted writer.”   

– Susan Chernak McElroy, New York Times best-selling author of “Animals as Teachers & Healers”, “Animals as Guides for the Soul”

“Jim Lloyd makes you believe you are sitting across the table from him while he passionately sets forth the emotions, motivation and legal reasoning which brings a jury to conclude there is reasonable doubt that his client had committed murder. Result: Innocent. His enthusiasm and confidence will challenge the reader to invest themselves absolutely in their convictions. Who wouldn’t want a “Jim Lloyd” to defend them when it really matters?”   

– Mark Lindberg, Attorney & Business Law Professor at Oral Roberts University Tulsa, Oklahoma 

In this courtroom drama, the authors’ stunning ability to capture pivotal moments and to reveal human weakness (with all of the personalities on display) show why this searing trial made the headlines week after week. One award-winning author and one lawyer who was in the thick of it all; together they create a spellbinding account of uncertain justice, fight for family, and the struggle to do what’s right.


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We wish you a fulfilling read and please enjoy this courtroom drama, Almost A Murder!

  • ISBN: 978-1-938282-22-5 (Hardcover) 380 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-938282-21-8 (Paperback) 380 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-938282-24-9 (eBook)
  • SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE: $32.00 (Hardcover) price may vary
  • SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE: $19.99 (Paper)  price may vary
  • PUBLICATION DATE: July 21, 2018
  • LCCN: 2014022590
  • DISTRIBUTOR: Ingram, Baker & Taylor
  • BISAC: True Crime: Murder-General (TRU002000); Biography & Autobiography : Lawyers & Judges (BIO020000)
  • REGIONAL SUBJECTS: Oklahoma, Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Sand Springs