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New Postcards are in – ask your favorite author for some or print one yourself

Hi Launch team. Jim and Jody have a selection of new Almost A Murder postcards. It’s time to pass them out. Do you want some to help spread the word? Just ask Jody or Jim to give you some to pass out or you can print them out yourself (make sure you print the front and back as a double sided print).

They are a great conversation starter … and they are soooo pretty.
Here are some great places to hand them out:

  1. Library acquisitions person.
  2. Library events person.
  3. Local bookstores – leave a stack (with permission, of course) and talk up the book.
  4. Your grocery store announcement board.
  5. Your local coffee shop’s announcement board.
  6. Your local high school librarian.
  7. Your friends and neighbors who love to read and are looking for a crime book.
  8. Any book bloggers that you know.
  9. A hospital, chiropractor, dental or doctor’s office (with permission)
  10. Anyone who can get us one step closer to Ellen or Oprah.

You get the idea. Let’s spread the word… and enjoy doing it, because they are soooo pretty.

View or Print the Postcard Image

  • Ask Jody or Jim about them